All course fees are invoiced. When you enroll in a course, please remember to provide us with the correct address to which the invoice should be sent.

If you attend a lecture at the Adult Education Center, the fee can be paid by card at the event. Still, do remember to register also for lectures!

All course material has to be paid for separately by the students.

If you decide not to continue on a course, please be aware that the course fee is not refundable.


Thanks to financial aid from the Finnish National Board of Education we are able to offer discount on some of the course fees. The discount can be received for one course per person and term. The discount concerns courses in IT, exercise (dance, sports etc.), languages and handicrafts. The discounts apply to

-      senior citizens (63+ years)

-      those who are retired and under the age of 63

-      immigrants

-      those who have a learning disability

-      those who have only a most basic educational background (i.e. elementary school)

-      those who are unemployed. (If you are unemployed and have a client card from the Employment and Economical Development Office (TE Office), you can get a 25% discount on all courses at the Adult Education Center. In order to get the reduced fee, please show your card at the office of the Adult Education Centre. The card needs to be presented to the office staff before the course fee is invoiced, that is at the latest when the course in question starts.)

Please be aware that if you are entitled to any of the discounts above, you have to inform the office staff separately about your discounts, as you register for a course. (If you register on the Internet, the web form includes alternatives such as “retired” or “unemployed”. These posts, however, are included only for statistical reasons.) Please note that discounts cannot be granted if the invoice has already been sent.